above - below

1. at a higher or lower elevation than another thing.
2. in a higher or lower position of authority than another person
3. higher or lower in amount or degree
4. higher or lower than zero when speaking of temperatures (the word zero is often omitted)
5. above all means more than anything else
6. mentioned earlier or later in a piece of writing

7. above is used is some special senses:

a. not subject to

b. too good or noble to do something bad

c. not too proud to do something (used with not)

d. in preference to

8. above and beyond is an idiomatic expression which means in addition to, or more than normal

over - under

1. Above and below indicate only a higher or lower position, while over and under usually indicate higher or lower in a straight line. Look at the diagram.

above - over diagram

A, B, and C are above X.

B is over X.

2. Above and below indicate a higher or lower position of authority in general, whereas over and under indicate immediate authority (that the person has the power to order the other person).

For example, a major is above a captain, but a major in the U.S. army is not over a captain in the Canadian army. American officers are over/under American soldiers, and Canadian officers are over/under Canadian soldiers.

3. over is used to mean more than

4. over is commonly used to mean during

5. over is used to mean while having a meal or a drink

6. over is used to mean spanning, crossing, or moving across

7. over is used for crossing land, mountains, etc.

8. over or all over can mean in many different areas

9. over is used to mean on (a person or thing)

10. Just as over can mean more than, under can mean less than.

11.over and above means in addition to

12.over and over means again and again, many times, repeatedly

13. under can mean below the surface of something

14. under is often used in the sense of according to the provisions of (an agreement, law, etc.)

15. under can mean in a category or heading, or using a name

16. under can mean affected by

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