These are some of the most common uses of "through."

through diagram 1. His trip took him through Romania and Yugoslavia.
    The passengers had to go through security screening at the airport.
    He made his way through the crowd as best he could.
    Our suitcases went through the scanner.

2. until the end of the time mentioned:

    The stock increased 57% from Jan. 1 through Mar. 31.
    The main office is open Monday through Friday.
    Federal government productivity is expected to rise 1.7% a year through 2007.

3. by means of; with the help of:

    She explained this to us through an interpreter.
    He communicated to us through gestures.
    I found a job through my friend.
    Bubonic plague is spread through rat flea bites.
    The money was obtained through fraud.

4. go through:  to experience:

    The country is going through a recession at the present time.
    They are going through a difficult period in their lives.
    I sympathize with them for all they have had to go through.
    She understands the problems of young people today because she went through the 60's.

5. go through or get through (with telephone calls):  to establish a telephone connection:

    I called my friend in London several times, but my call didn't go through.
    I called my friend in London several times, but I couldn't get through.

6. put someone through something:  to cause someone to undergo or endure an unpleasant experience:

    Why would anyone put himself through all that suffering just to win a race?

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