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British Council Listening Downloads
Download both MP3 audio files and PDF scripts. (British English)
English Trailers
A free website for studying English using movie commercials. An excellent, fun site for practicing listening comprehension by watching movie trailers. Each trailer has a warm-up activity, cloze, quiz, script, and more. More than 70 trailers to choose from. Highly recommended.
Learning Resources
News modules in either video or audio-only format (RealPlayer). Each module consists of the recording, full text of the story, and a set of activities which include Vocabulary, Word Selection, Multiple Choice, Sequencing, and Conclusions. You can even send in your own opinions on the story. The home page has the current story, but you can check the Story Archives for a complete list of stories in many categories. Listen to the story about "Dry Water" to find out how Egypt is planting a forest in the desert. Highly recommended for advanced ESL/EFL students.

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab
This site has a wide variety of excellent listening exercises. Listen to the audio and answer the questions in an interactive quiz. Highly recommended.

ELLLO (English Language Listening Lab Online)
A nice collection of listening activities and listening games. According to the site, there are more than 500 listening activities to choose from.

BBC 24-Hour News Channel
Listen to the news on the BBC. You will need the Real

VOA News in Special English
Listen to the news in Special English from the Voice of America. Special English uses a vocabulary of about 1,500 words and is spoken slowly and clearly. Good listening practice. This link may not work in Internet Explorer 9. If you cannot play the link in IE 9, then try this link Click here

NPR (National Public Radio) Audio Archives
Listen to programs previously broadcast on NPR or listen to their live program stream (NPR Audio Online) with RealPlayer or Windows Media.

ESL Listening Links
A huge list of things you can listen to on the Internet.
Learn a Song Podcast
Learn to sing folk songs that native English speakers sing.

Audio Related to Readings

Other Audio

King of Flamenco Guitar
Paco de Lucia Takes Spain's National Music to New Heights. Carlos Montoya, Sabicas, and Camaron de la Isla are also mentioned.

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