Noun-Verb Homographs

Note: The letters between the slash marks / / refer to sounds, not to spelling.

English has quite a few noun-verb pairs that are spelled the same, but pronounced differently. These pairs are called homographs, which means they are written the same way.

The noun usually has the primary stress (strong accent) on the first syllable and secondary stress (sometimes weak stress) on the second syllable.

The verb usually has the primary stress on the second syllable and weak stress on the first syllable.


Noun                                Verb

conflict /ˈkɑn ˌflɪkt/         conflict /kən ˈflɪkt/
rebel /ˈrɛ bəl/                rebel /rə ˈbɛl/
permit /ˈpɚ ˌmɪt/            permit /pɚ ˈmɪt/
record /ˈrɛ kɚd/             record /rə ˈkɔrd/

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